‘Business Management Education Epistemology?’ Even in the inner circle of business scholars, the area of my academic interest is received with surprise; on very rare occasions with gusto. One such occasion was when I interacted with Dr. Joel Podolny, Ex Dean Yale School of Management (Appointed Dean of the most coveted university in news - ‘Apple University’). Arguably, Podolny is among the few people in the business of business school who are working beyond the Finance, Marketing, Strategy, etc. routine. Then there are Henry Mintzberg (Manager not MBAs fame) and Jeffrey Pfeffer of Stanford. Before an MBA jumps and assume that it is the OB that I am talking about, I would like to add Crainer and Dearlove, Roger Martin (Dean, Rotman School of Management), Robert French & Christopher Grey, Clive Holtham and Rakesh Khurana to the list. It is a small community you see - the people who are interested in how the business education is shaped, how it is taught and more importantly why it is taught. Academically, I consider myself part of this minority.

I had written the first draft of my treatise on Business Management Education before I arrived at Oxford University. Although in a clumsy shape, it included my theories on business education specially its epistemology and pedagogy. Under my Doctorate at Oxford, I am researching curriculum reforms that are currently taking place at leading business schools. Findings of my doctoral thesis will be one of the important constituents of the treatise. Those who know me have come to realise that I prefer to release my work in a book-form. The way things have progressed, I am assuming the treatise to be a seminal piece in the field of business management education.

Published work: JAISWAL, A. (2006) Innovation in Teaching at Business Schools: The Harvard Case Study Method and beyond. Education. Oxford, University of Oxford.